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Pug Health Problems

There are several health problems your Pug might experience and you should definitely know about these problems before you decide to adopt a Pug dog. There are some issues connected with the facial form of the Pug, as it lacks longer snout, the Pugs are exposed to several eye injuries. The face form is also responsible for breathing problems and low efficiency of temperature regulation via evaporation from the tongue.


Pugs are prone to obesity, especially since they love to sleep long hours every day. To prevent this from happening, make sure your dog gets enough exercise and you feed it proper diet. In case your Pug won’t suffer some serious illness, it should live 12-14 years on average.

When talking about serious health issues, here are the most common for the Pugs :

- Necrotizing Meningoecephalitis – it is an inlammation of the meninges and brain that usually results in death or euthanasia.
- Hemivertebrae – this occurs when two parts of spinal vertebrae do not fuse properly and as the dog grows it creates intense pressure on the spine which results in severe paralysis.
- Hip dysplasia – this is a very frequent and major problem for the Pug dog breed, almost 64% of Pugs are affected by it.


Pugs face requires special attention because of the wrinkles, owners have to clean inside of the creases on others to prevent infection.

Due to rather massive inbreeding, the Pugs are one of those dogs susceptible to Demodectic mange which means they catch illnesses much more easily than other dogs. Individuals showing signs of this problem should not be used for further breeding.


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